Headaches can be caused by many different issues. An often overlooked cause of headaches is the neck. The reason that many treatments for headaches fail is because the root cause of the headaches has not been addressed. It is very common for people to go years and years with headaches before they see someone that is able to determine that their headaches are coming from their neck. The good news is that once the true source of the headaches is found then treatment can be administered with lasting relief to follow! Watch this video below to find out more.

Dr. Nick Scotto is a leading and trusted physical therapist in Jacksonville, Fl. He founded River City Physical Therapy to better serve the active adults in Jacksonville who want to remain fit, healthy, and happy. Many fitness enthusiasts, runners, and active adults have consulted with Nick looking for a permanent solution to their pain. Through education and specific treatment plans he helps them to heal their body naturally and achieve their goals of returning to the activities they love.