We Help Active Adults in Jacksonville Get Back to Exercising, Running and Living an Active Lifestyle Without Needing Medications or Injections Even If Nothing Else Has Worked For Them.

People Who We Help Include…

Active Adults

Who want to avoid nagging aches and pains so they can participate in their favorite workouts, outdoor activities, and fitness classes without having to take pain killers.


Who are tired of resting their injury and want to get back to enjoying races and running while avoiding flare ups.

The Frustrated Fitness Athlete

Who has seen multiple healthcare practitioners but still has not been given a solution and just want to get back to their favorite exercise class. We love to help these people realize there is HOPE and there is an ANSWER to their pain even if multiple treatments have failed you.

Busy Moms and Women

Who want to feel healthy so that they can take care of their family and work duties without pain all the while avoiding medications.

Health Conscious Men and Women

Who want to learn how to take care of their injury naturally while avoiding visits to the doctors office and avoid the bad side effects of medications.

Determined Professionals

Who want a “no non-sense” approach to fixing the root cause of their problem so they can work and exercise and get back to a healthy balance of work and play.

Weight Lifters

Who are struggling because of lingering injuries that keep them sidelined and unable to maximize their workouts.

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Dr. Nick Scotto PT, DPT 

Founder of River City Physical Therapy

Nick is physical therapist who helps active adults in Jacksonville quickly recover from injury so they can get back to running, exercising  and living the active lifestyle they want without needing medications or injections……even if nothing else has worked.

He enjoys helping people find out what is causing their problem, providing a solution, and guiding them back to running, exercising, and enjoying their favorite activities.

Nick has grown frustrated with the current healthcare system due to the lack of collaboration between the healthcare professional and patient. He believes that the patient should play an integral part in the process of recovery. Nick helps foster this relationship by empowering the patient to understand the root cause of their problem and giving them a solution instead of just “treating symptoms”.

He enjoys helping people like you get back to exercising, running, or playing their favorite sport pain free! By providing a more personalized approach with each patient they are able to recover faster and get back to the activities they love quicker than what standard care could provide.

Nick graduated with a B.A in Psychology from University of South Florida. He then attended the University of North Florida where he earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

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