Why Choose River City Physical Therapy Jacksonville

Why this model of treatment?

         Your physical therapy Jacksonville session will be provided by a licensed Doctor of Physical. Our goal is to provide the quickest recovery in as few visits possible so that you can get back to enjoying the activities you love to do!

The one on one attention that you receive will allow us to work together to find the source of your pain and not chase symptoms.

          If you have had failed treatment before or feel like the medical community has not been listening to you then we are the practice for you! Each session is spent one on one which allows for you to get faster results and back to what you love doing most.

  • One on One Comprehensive Evaluation:

On your first visit, a Doctor of Physical Therapy Jacksonville will perform a comprehensive movement evaluation at and around the site of your pain. This is necessary to determine the root cause of your pain in order to be able to treat you appropriately. The root cause of the pain must be found in order to find a solution for you to resolve your pain! Treatment will begin on the first day!

  • One on One Follow Up Treatment Sessions:

Each treatment session builds upon the last, therefore you will see the same physical therapist throughout the course of your care in order to foster a quick healing environment. A mini reassessment will be conducted at each visit to ensure that your recovery is progressing appropriately. You will leave each session feeling and moving better with a progression of the plan to get you back to the activities you love.

What is the #1 Reason to Choose River City Physical Therapy?

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High satisfaction with care and outstanding treatment results! Our patient’s outcomes speak for themselves. Check out how patient’s feel about the care they received with us and how we were able to help them return to the activities they love!

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