Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain is a relatively common complaint that may be caused by a number of conditions.  Foot and ankle pain is usually the result of strain or overuse. However, foot and ankle pain can also be caused by underlying conditions affecting certain parts of the foot or leg. Sometimes foot or ankle pain could be caused by a problem at the knee, hip or back. In order to successfully treat foot and ankle pain, you must find the root causing the underlying problem

Learn How to Treat and End Your Foot, Ankle and Heel Pain

There are many different causes of foot, ankle and heel pain including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Achilles Tendinopathy

  • Achilles Tendinitis

  • Ankle Sprain

  • Calf Strain

  • Pinched nerve in the back

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Kathy M. Foot Pain Testimonial

I had been experiencing pain in my heel and arch when I would run but especially when I first stepped out of bed in the morning. A running friend of mine found out there was a heel pain clinic at 1st Place Sports so we signed up to go. I listened to Dr. Scotto describe exactly what I was feeling. I signed up for an evaluation where I expected the typical chat with the doctor, a few exercises and then see him next week. I was totally wrong. He took the time to make sure he understood the issue and then came up with a game plan. The plan was for 2-6 weeks of treatments and he delivered in 4! I ran a half marathon in the hills of Kentucky with ZERO pain! I am also back getting out of bed without any issues! I have been asking my husband to go get his foot worked on and I would definitely recommend River City Physical Therapy to anyone! Kathy M.

Nick successfully treated my plantar fasciitis from running in only three home visits with exercises and muscle manipulation. My pain is almost entirely gone, and most importantly, he taught me exercises and interventions to apply when/if it comes back. If you run, it can be hard to find a PT who gets what you’re trying to accomplish, but Nick does — he keeps up with the latest in the research to keep you going. – Will L.

A few years ago I was having severe pain in my left foot associated with plantar fasciitis, I thought my running days were over. Dr. Scotto was the first and only doctor I had to see to get results. In one session Dr. Scotto was able to get me on the path to recovery. He was not only able to give me stretches and exercises for immediate relief from the pain and soreness, he also was able to give me direction on better running form and additional exercises to prevent the pain in the first place. To this day I use these same techniques that Dr. Scotto recommended and no longer have plantar fasciitis. I would highly recommend Dr. Scotto and River City Physical Therapy for anyone who wants honest and effective treatment. – Michael S.

In March of 2016, I went thru a surgery on my left Achilles tendon. After 8 months of recovery, physical therapy and specialized exercises I still could not walk properly and still experienced pain in my left heel after standing up for few hours. I also developed an inflammation in my right Achilles’ tendon. After a very thorough full visit with Nick, he implemented different exercises for both feet. Within only a few days I started to experience relief in both feet. After only a few weeks of this exercises, my left foot is almost back to normal and the inflammation in the right foot considerably reduced. Thank you, Nick, for a job well done. Your knowledge and expertise made a great deal of difference in my day to day life.- Benoit D.

Foot-ankle pain testimonial

How often do we take for granted that first step out of bed in the morning! The moment the heel hits the ground and you cringe in agony. The world of plantar issues that many of us know so well! The first time I met Dr Scotto was at a community function he was speaking at. I was immediately drawn in by his immense knowledge base mixed in with his down to earth personality. When I first sat down with Nick, I was spending my mornings limping around. We progressed through a collection of exercises and manipulations of the next few short weeks. We built upon the tools I was leaning each week. What had been a 6-9 month issue was being addressed in 6 weeks. I had forgotten what it meant to climb out of bed pain-free! Thank you Nick!!!!

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