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How to Stop Frustrating Hip Pain Without “Resting” Or Going To The Doctor Again So You Can Exercise Pain Free


“5 Secrets About Hip Pain That Will Surprise You…..And Help Get You Back To Exercising/Running Pain Free”

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A Personal Message From Hip Pain Specialist Physical Therapist, Dr. Nick 
Are you tired of Hip Pain that disrupts your sleep, prevents you from running, and keeps you from participating in your favorite exercises (mainly squatting)? Hip Pain can be frustrating because so few solutions are given to you outside of rest, pain killers, or even worse…….surgery. Lots of people wonder …..”Why is the pain still here after 2,3 or even 6 months (or even more later)?” or ” Shouldn’t it be better by now (I’m tired of not being active)?” Are you tired of getting that “sharp pain” in the groin and hip or the “dull ache” and ” tightness” felt in the hip that affects your ability to enjoy your exercise routine and running? Sometimes it can be very frustrating because there  seems to be no clear reason why the pain came about to begin with which makes the situation even more irritating.This confusion only leads you worried about what step to take next in fear of going through yet another failed treatment. Unfortunately, if you DON’T take some sort of action then your hip pain will likely remain or even get worse! Many people hope that they will wake up one morning and the pain will “be gone”…….in a perfect world I wish this could be true……but pain magically disappearing is not reality. If you are unsure what type of ACTION you need to take to get rid of your hip pain then I created a Free Report for the active adults in Jacksonville just like you who have been dealing with hip pain so they can learn how to return to running and exercising pain free.  Inside this Free Report I’ve put together for the active adults in Jacksonville you will discover “The 5 Secrets About Hip Pain That Will Surprise You……and Help Get You Back to Running/Exercising Pain Free” .  This Free Report includes:
  • A common technique people perform to “fix” hip pain that may make it worse!
  • Why the hip pain may not actually be coming from “the hip”
  • A treatment method that you can do on your own in your home
  • How performing “normal” daily movements may be keeping your hip pain around.
At this point, you might think that this Hip Pain is just something you have to live with……this is no fault of yours……its just what you’ve been told. Some may have said “It’s because you run too much”…….or ” You go to the gym/run too much and your body is wearing down”. These statements are all FALSE because movement is medicine. It just takes learning the correct movement to get better. What you really hope for though is that one day you can get back to enjoying exercising, running, and getting a good nights sleep without dealing with that pesky Hip Pain. It’s not fun having trouble getting through your favorite exercise routine, running, or spending time with family! This Free Report on “The 5 Secrets About Hip Pain That Will Surprise……..and Help Get You Back to Running/Exercising Pain Free” is perfect for you if you’re an active adult in Jacksonville who is tired of dealing with hip pain and wants to get back to living an active lifestyle and participate in daily activities without worrying about pain. If hip pain is keeping you from running, exercising, sleeping, or living an active lifestyle then you need to take a few minutes to read this Report. I can’t promise that everything in this Report will work for you……but I do know that the advice in it has helped many active adults in Jacksonville who are like you and were looking for answers. Just think what would your life look like in a 3 months if you were free from Hip Pain? What would you be able to do?
  • Return to your favorite exercise routine?
  • Get back to running on a weekly basis?
  • Enjoy playing with your kids and grandkids?
  • Have a good nights sleep without hip pain waking you up?!
So go ahead click “Yes! I Want My Free REPORT” button to instantly receive the Free REPORT by email. I hope you find this report helpful and look forward to answering any questions or concerns that you may have! Wishing You The Best, Dr. Nick Physical Therapist
Which Costly Mistakes Are You Going To Make Trying To Fix Your Hip Pain?
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FREE TIPS E-BOOK: “5 Secrets About Hip Pain That Will Surprise You…..And Help Get You Back To Exercising/Running Pain Free”

Look Who Else Came To River City Physical Therapy And Left Feeling Happy, Healthy, and More Active…

I was struggling with a pain in my hip since I ran a 10 mile run. I did everything I knew and could not get rid of the pain. I was limping and could not run more than 2 miles before I had to walk. I am training for the Boston Marathon!! I went to see Nick. The first visit was a thorough assessment !! I was also given exercises to do. I did them! My pain went from an 8 to a 4. After my 2nd visit, more assessment and adding another exercise, I am now running long distance totally pain free!!!!!!!! THANK YOU NICK!!

Teresa, Runner, Jacksonville

For 6 months I began having severe pain and muscle spasms in my thigh. I had tried chiropractic treatment, but that did not provide lasting results. My pain was so unbearable I was unable to sleep comfortably in bed, it was just impossible to find a restful position. This went on for over a year. I moved to my air bed, this didn’t give me enough support, the floor was too firm. My easy-chair worked out better than all the others. So, that became my bed for most of that year. Enter Dr. Nick: My first visit provided more than I expected. I laid down on the table and He began by asking questions: Where do you hurt.? What are you doing when the pain begins?, etc. He began massaging the muscles involved. Then I stood up. To my shock, much of the pain had left my body. At the end of the session, I was given a chart of simple home exercises to do.  I could already feel an increase in muscle strength since my first visit. The pain was only intermittent now.  In conclusion: For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to exercise time. I am convinced that they do work. What a breakthrough for me. Let’s review: 1. I now sleep comfortably in my bed. 2.My muscle pain is gone . . . .and it was sooo simple to eliminate. 3.I don’t have muscle spasms in the middle of the night anymore. 4.I no longer require a walking cane. 5.My strength continues to increase every day. 6.I’m not subject to mandatory, unending doctor visits. 7. I’m beyond “happy”. 

Jim, Jacksonville

I went to see Dr. Nick at 1st Place Sports for a seminar on hip pain. Just a few months before my hip began bothering me during Cross-Fit classes to a point where I wasn’t able to run without pain. I was impressed at the seminar with his knowledge and made an appointment. He spent time figuring out what was going on and gave me a few exercises to continue with at home. Its been just over a month and my hip pain is non-existent. Dr. Nick has checked in with me to see how things are going multiple times, which is unusual for a doctor to do in my opinion. He didn’t require I set up a bunch of follow-up appointments, which I appreciate. I feel like he’s there when I need him in the future, whenever that may be. Would definitely recommend for any pain you may be experiencing!

Joy , Jacksonville

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