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Put A Stop To Frustrating Hip Pain And Tightness Without Needing Unnecessary Surgery Or Medications 

Hip Bursitis
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If you are unsure about what you should do, skeptical, or afraid of being let down then we have a perfect option for you.  We offer a free, 30-minute “Discovery Visit”.  This option is for the person who knows they need to do something but want to learn a little more before making any commitment. The goal will be to help you decide what the best step for you to take is.

A personal message from physical therapist Nick Scotto

  Are you tired of hip pain that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much rest, exercise , or stretching you’ve been told to do?

  Are you worried that this hip pain will never go away and keep you from being active, fit , and healthy?

  Do you ever feel frustrated and confused when things like chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, and injections don’t work?

  Does your hip continue to feel “tight” and “out of place” despite ALL of the stretching you constantly do?

  Do you feel like you are missing out on life, enjoying time with your family and friends because of this hip pain?

Are you frustrated when you go back to your workout, running, or your normal fitness routine only to have your hip pain flare up on you again?

If any of this sounds like you and you are looking to get permanent healing from your injury or get rid of the pain you are experiencing then you have come to the right place.

The amount of people dealing with hip pain seems to be increasing each day leaving many active individuals frustrated, depressed, and worried.

The real shame of the matter is that so many people suffer from back pain and are often told:

  • “You’ll just have to live with it”

  • “It’s just a part of getting older and there’s nothing you can do”

  • Just “rest for a little” and “see what happens”.

  • Take these pills (which can be addictive) or get an injection (which only masks the symptoms).

  • “You just need to “stretch” the tight muscles”

However healing hip pain just isn’t that simple……

……and if you are really struggling to keep healthy, fit, and active and just want to get back to your normal active lifestyle 

…..then you have come to the right place…..

At River City Physical Therapy we specialize in helping active individuals 30+ heal their backs naturally and get back to living an active lifestyle without medications, injections , or surgery. 

We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly what you should when dealing with a hip pain. There’s SO many options out there and you may have already tried a few.

But if you are still dealing with hip pain here are several reasons why it could be lasting longer than it should:

1.You thought it would go away on it’s own with rest but it didn’t

2.You went to the Doctor who gave you some pain meds or even worse……told you to stop exercising

3.A family member told you that you should get used to the pain as you are “just getting older”

4.You saw another physical therapist or healthcare provider but nothing they said or did seemed to have long lasting relief

5.You decided to self treat through ice, heat, and YouTube exercises but none of those worked and even made it worse!

6. You got a series of injections that left you disappointed and the pain still there.

If any of this has happened to you and you are afraid of what might happen if you make another wrong decision then we would love to help by inviting you to schedule a FREE phone call to talk to a Physical Therapist to find out what can be done to help you.

Just because you tried many treatments before that didn’t work doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution for you. 

When it comes to treating hip pain the BIGGEST MISTAKE that is often made (by Doctors included) is treating the symptom of pain and not going through the necessary process of understand the true “root cause” of the problem

Our goal at River City Physical Therapy is to not only get rid of your pain, but teach you how to treat yourself, let your body heal naturally, and give you a permanent fix to your problem.

At River City Physical Therapy we use a unique approach to help you get rid of your pain and make it STAY away.


Step 1. We Will Listen To You


This is one of our BIGGEST pet peeves. Nobody listens to the patient anymore (it’s all about maximizing billing, following company procedure, and being “efficient”). Here’s a thought…….how about listen to the patient for once.

Today’s healthcare system is stacked against you and often does not provide the solutions that you need. 15 minute doctor visits, standardized care where you feel rush, and lack of communication between you and your healthcare provider just won’t get you the results that you want.

There is NO one size fits all treatment for hip pain and taking the time to listen to your goals and problems is the single most important step before starting any sort of treatment. We want to make sure that you are comfortable working with us and that we feel you are a good fit for our clinic.


Step 2. Find the Root Cause


Each person is unique and thus their injury and pain is unique to them. What works for your friend or loved one may not necessarily work for you. All too often treatments are directed ONLY at the site of pain. 

But is that where the pain is actually “coming from?”……

More often than not the answer is NO. The pain is actually being caused by a different area of the body. This could be caused by a lack of strength in a muscle, poor flexibility in the joints, or faulty movement patterns.

Undergoing a proper assessment to figure out what the “root cause” of the pain is the second most important step to get you the lasting relief you need in order for you return to a normal and active lifestyle.

Treating symptoms will get you temporary relief and feeling “OK”……..but……treating the root cause is where you get the PERMANENT relief that you want.


3. Teach You To Treat Yourself.


Have you ever had to rely upon multiple weekly visits to get the treatment you need? Causing you to spend more of your time and money than you would like?

The truth of the matter is that multiple visits per week is often NOT necessary to heal from injury/pain despite what you’ve been told.

At River City Physical Therapy we give you everything you need at each stage of your rehab to work on at home so you can provide an optimal healing environment for your pain/ injury.

You’ll know exactly what exercises, stretches, and techniques you should be working on at home. You will have the tools you need to help treat yourself. 

This way you can maximize the time spent out of the clinic working on whats most important to you…….living an active lifestyle worry free of any hip pain

We offer a Free 30 Minute discovery visit at NO risk to you. You can come in to meet us so we can have an honest conversation about what your problem is, your struggles, what you would like to achieve, and for us to decide if we would be a good fit to work together. You’ll walk a way with a better idea of what is going on and what you need to do about it.



Dr. Nick Scotto

Which Costly Mistakes Are You Going To Make Trying To Fix Your Hip Pain?

Hip Bursitis


“5 Secrets About Hip Pain That Will Surprise You…..And Help Get You Back To Exercising/Running Pain Free”

Look Who Else Came To River City Physical Therapy And Left Feeling Happy, Healthy, and More Active…

I was struggling with a pain in my hip since I ran a 10 mile run. I did everything I knew and could not get rid of the pain. I was limping and could not run more than 2 miles before I had to walk. I am training for the Boston Marathon!! I went to see Nick. The first visit was a thorough assessment !! I was also given exercises to do. I did them! My pain went from an 8 to a 4. After my 2nd visit, more assessment and adding another exercise, I am now running long distance totally pain free!!!!!!!! THANK YOU NICK!!

Teresa, Runner, Jacksonville

Nick was recommended to me by a friend. I’d been having hip pain close to a year from a Crossfit injury and I wasn’t able to run or do most exercises without pain. I kept resting it hoping it would get better but it never did. I gave River City PT a chance and I’m so happy I did! He was able to get me back into my active lifestyle pain free within a few months. Nick is very attentive to his patients and is happy to answer questions anytime you need him. He showed me how to stay pain free and gave me the knowledge to combat a flare up if I ever do have one. I ran a Spartan Race this last weekend and I felt great during the race and after! There’s no way I could’ve done that before River City PT. I’m forever grateful to have my active lifestyle back and I’ll be out running my kids for many years to come!

Lindsey, Fitness Enthusiast, Jacksonville

I met Dr. Nick when he was doing a free hip pain clinic at First Place Sports. I attended the clinic because I was desperate to try anything to get out of pain. I was in a car accident 7 months prior and I was not getting better. I was getting constant massages and seeing the chiropractor and had already had a round of physical therapy. I was in so much pain that it prevented me from doing all the activities that I loved. When I attended the clinic I could tell that his approach to physical therapy was different and that he was very knowledgeable. His goal is to get you active again and show you how to maintain the pain free life after you have completed the sessions. After a complete assessment he was able to tell where the pain was coming from and we came up with MY game plan. I completed 20 sessions with Dr. Nick back in July 2018 and I am still pain free. I’m able to do yoga, run, go for long walks and keep up with my kids. It is always life changing when you are in pain and can’t take care of your family but Dr Nick was able to help me get my life back. Thank you!!!!

Melanie , Active Mom Jacksonville

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