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How To End Annoying and Nagging Knee Pain So You Can Enjoy Being Active and Healthy Again

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“6 Crucial Tips To Help End Your Nagging Knee Pain So You Can Be Active Again And Worry Free!”

A Personal Message From Knee Specialist Physical Therapist, Dr. Nick Scotto
Is your Knee Pain getting you so frustrated that you think your only option is to rest, take medications, and just “live with it”? Have you failed treatment before and want to avoid surgery? Maybe your Knee Pain is just a “mild ache” at this time and you are concerned that it may get worse? Sometimes it can be very frustrating because there  seems to be no clear reason why the pain came about to begin with which makes the situation even more irritating. For most people the Knee Pain can interfere with just getting up from a chair or going up stairs. For those that are more active it can begin to affect their ability to run, exercise, or play their favorite sport. Unfortunately many people make the unfortunate mistake of thinking “one day the pain will just go away”. The truth of the matter is that unless the underlying cause of the pain is discovered then it will NOT go away on it’s own. This mentality of wishing and hoping it will be gone one morning when you wake up will only cause more confusion and frustration with the situation. If you are unsure what type of ACTION you need to take to get rid of your Knee Pain then I created a Free Report “6 Crucial Tips To Help End Your Nagging Knee Pain So You Can Be Active Again and Worry Free!” for the active adults in Jacksonville just like you who have been dealing with  Knee Pain so they can learn how to return to running and exercising pain free. Inside this Free Report I’ve put together for the active adults in Jacksonville you will discover:
  • What Not To Do When You Have Knee Pain
  • The Simple Steps You Can Take To Get Rid Of Your Knee Pain
  • Why Strengthening The Knee Alone Often Does Not Work
  • Many More Tips And Ideas To Help You Achieve Your Goal Of Being Active Again!
You’ll receive all the information that shows you how you can ease your Knee Pain without having to deal with medications, injections, or surgery It’s not fun having not being able to get through your favorite exercise routine, running, and not living the active lifestyle that you want! I work with active adults just like you to help find relief from sudden or chronic Knee Pain. Something important to understand is that more painkillers and rest will not fix the problem. Rest makes you weaker and more susceptible to flare ups and painkillers can mess with your stomach and mood. Most importantly ……..they only provide temporary relief and do not address the underlying root cause of the pain. I know so many people who have just accepted that Knee Pain is now a normal part of their lives. They are frustrated with all of the conflicting advice they have been given. They aren’t sure what to do and what not to do. This does NOT have to be you! My Free Report  will explain why you should have hope that you can live free from Knee Pain. This Free Report on “6 Crucial Tips To Help End Your Nagging Knee Pain So You Can Be Active Again and Worry Free!” is perfect for you if you’re an active adult in Jacksonville who is tired of dealing with Knee Pain and want to get back to living an active lifestyle and participate in your favorite activities without worrying about pain. If Knee Pain is keeping you from running, exercising,  or living an active lifestyle then you need to take a few minutes to read this E Report Just think what would your life look like in a 3 months if you were free from Knee Pain? What would you be able to do?
  • Return to your favorite exercise routine?
  • Get back to running on a weekly basis?
  • Enjoy playing with your kids and grandkids?
  • Not worry about your Knee Pain coming back?!
To access this report click below “Yes! I Want My Free REPORT” button to instantly receive the Free REPORT by email…or you can call the clinic at 904-370-3257 to request a copy! I hope you find this report helpful and look forward to answering any questions or concerns that you may have! Wishing You The Best, Dr. Nick Scotto Physical Therapist.
Which Costly Mistakes Are You Going To Make Trying To Fix Your Knee Pain?
FREE TIPS E-BOOK: “6 Crucial Tips To Help End Your Nagging Knee Pain So You Can Be Active Again And Worry Free!”

Look Who Else Came To River City Physical Therapy And Left Feeling Happy, Healthy, and More Active…

For years I had been experiencing hip and knee issues while running which lead to many injuries. My previous healthcare providers could offer no solution other than to quit running. That was not an option. After one consultation and session with Dr. Nick, he was able to pinpoint the problem and provide helpful information that has allowed me to run without pain for weeks. I would recommend him to anyone that is experiencing pain or that has been advised to stop certain activities to stop the pain. He is amazing!

Michelle, Runner, Jacksonville

I suffered from knee pain for around six months before going to Dr Scotto. He was able to diagnose, treat, and also come up with a few exercises to not only relieve my pain, but also completely get rid of it. I highly recommend Dr Scotto to anyone looking to be pain free and physically active again!

Rusty, Runner, Grandfather Mountain Marathon Finisher

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