Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck Pain and Headaches are a very common condition. These days we find ourselves sitting in front of the computer more at work and looking down at our phones/tablets. This can lead to increased strain placed on our neck and it’s structures (disc, nerves, joint, muscles). On this page you will find more information about what might be causing your neck pain and what you can do about it. Watch the videos below to learn more about the common causes of neck pain including pinched nerves, arthritis, joint pain, bulging discs, and muscle weakness.

Learn How to Treat and End Your Neck Pain

There are many causes of Neck Pain including:

  • Bulging disc in the Neck

  • Pinched Nerve

  • Upper trap tightness

  • Neck stiffness and arthritis

  • Neck Pain with headaches

  • Weak Neck Muscles

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See what others are saying about our proven treatment approach

Brian Shields and Dr. Nick Scotto, client testimonial

I’ve dealt with my shoulder/neck injury for 30 years. I would get numbness running down my arm to my thumb. Sometimes my wrist would just buckle under the weight of carrying a pitcher of water for example. The right side of my neck would cramp up a few times a year and it would take about 2 weeks to get back to normal. I’ve tried 3 different chiropractors and massages over the years, but these didn’t help much or for long. Finally, I met with Nick, where he asked me a series of questions to understand the issue. He did a few of his techniques and then determined some exercises for me to do on a daily basis. Within the first visit I noticed an immediate reduction in my pain! As I continued to perform the exercises he gave me I continued to have improvements with my neck/shoulder and numbness issue. I only had one session with Nick because that is all I needed. I’ve been doing most of the exercises almost every day for the past 3 months and I have not had any serious issue since. When discomfort would start to return, I’ve noticed it’s because I missed a few days on the exercises. I spend the majority of my workday at my laptop, and it’s been much more tolerable and comfortable compared to the past. Brian S.

Paige M Testimonial

Prior to my treatment with Nick (River City Physical Therapy), I had suffered from neck and back pain for almost 30 years. When I contracted Nick to work on my neck/back issues, I was suffering from daily headaches, and the muscular and nerve pains were making my daily tasks almost impossible; it was also disrupting my sleep because I could never find a position that felt comfortable. Over the years, I have tried other PT’s, massage therapists, and chiropractors. The difference in care was immediately obvious, and within 2 weeks, there was a discernible difference in my pain level. Though tremendously helpful, It was not just the hands-on techniques that were used that helped–it was the fact that I was given techniques, exercises, and specific postures to maintain my comfort level, and techniques to use when I have a flare-up. Nick is the first practitioner that has taken the time to make sure I understand what causes my pain and the first to arm me with the tools I need to keep myself pain-free. What a relief!- Paige M.

Daniel W Testimonial

I reached out to Dr. Scotto with neck and shoulder pains that had been causing me discomfort while working at my desk and preventing me from playing golf for months. It only took two visits over the course of two weeks to identify the source of the pain, implement some exercises and best practices, and successfully solve the root cause of the pain. My experience was very pleasant, and Dr. Scotto made sure I understood what we were doing, why we’re doing it, and how it would help me throughout each visit. I have been back playing golf, and working pain-free for roughly three weeks now. I highly recommend giving River City Physical Therapy a call if you need physical therapy. -Daniel W.