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My neck/shoulder pain is GONE. Since a car accident 20+ years ago, I’ve gone to multiple chiropractors and message therapists with minimal results. However, Nick evaluated my situation and gave me 3 exercises to do daily. I do one of them almost every day and since then (7 months ago) the pain has stayed away. Just like he said, ‘ if I skip doing it the pain will come back.’ That’s true it does. So I do my exercise. It takes me about 2 minutes. Well worth it. I wish he was around 20 years ago. Brian, Early 40s, Jacksonville

Dr. Scotto was able to find the main source of my discomfort. Before his initial consultation my back pain kept me from performing my daily activities. During our consultation he asked very specific questions to find the exact source of pain and we immediately started to work on a plan of recovery. The results were almost immediate. I now have regained total confidence in my strength and motion. I fully recommend Dr. Scotto’s services. Mike, Mid 30's, Jacksonville

I had been experiencing pain in my heel and arch when I would run but especially when I first stepped out of bed in the morning.  He took the time to make sure he understood the issue and then came up with a game plan. The plan was for 2-6 weeks of treatments and he delivered in 4! I ran a half marathon in the hills of Kentucky with ZERO pain! I am also back getting out of bed without any issues! I have been asking my husband to go get his foot worked on and I would definitely recommend River City Physical Therapy to anyone! Kathy, Runner, Jacksonville

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Hi my name is Dr. Nick. Over the years I have helped many active adults just like you get out of pain and return to the activities that they love. You are probably tired of NOT getting the answers you want about your condition and more importantly being left disappointed with NO SOLUTION. If I decide that you are a good fit for me to work with then we will work together one on one. I’m currently accepting new clients on a limited basis who want to TRANSFORM their lives and get out of pain.
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