“Are you suffering from Sciatic Nerve pain (Sciatica)?”

Learn how to naturally heal your Sciatica so that don’t miss out on the activities you love ever again!

River City Physical Therapy Can Help You:

  • Learn WHAT is causing your Sciatic nerve pain
  • Find out HOW you can get rid of it naturally
  • Achieve PERMANENT RELIEF without medications, injections, and surgery
  • Get back to the activities that YOU LOVE!

Call now if:

  • You’re if you can’t sit or stand for longer periods of time because of pain
  • You miss out on your favorite activities because of buttock/leg pain
  • You have failed other treatment methods that simply did not work for you
  • You are tired and frustrated with missing out on living the active lifestyle you want

Our patient’s lives were transformed by a simple phone call……learn why.

I have tried orthopaedics, chiropractors, and several medicines for treatments with varying degrees of success, none of them permanent. He was immediately able to pinpoint the cause, and after 4 weeks, 8 treatments and a lot of specific site exercises, I’m about 95% pain free. Doing the exercises not only stopped the sharp stabbing pains in my leg, it also stopped the dull, achy weak feeling in my low back and butt. There have even been days when I’ve been running late and skipped the exercises, and even those days have been pain free. Obviously, I’ve been well pleased with Dr. Nick’s results

Mike, Jacksonville

After being in pain for about a year and having already tried a cortisol shot, chiropractic, massage, and other PT I found River City Physical Therapy. My pain was in my back and referred down my leg and kept me from doing normal daily activity as well as the things I love to do. I was immediately impressed by the care I received as I was given a holistic evaluation where I was listened to and my concerns were addressed. As opposed to being one of many patients in the room, I was the only patient during the appointment time and each week the treatment plan was adjusted to meet me where I was. Within just a few weeks I noticed significant improvement allowing me to return to kickboxing, high intensity workouts, and tennis. I would absolutely recommend River City Physical Therapy.

Erin, Jacksonville

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Hi my name is Dr. Nick. Over the years I have helped many active adults just like you, who were struggling with sciatic nerve pain, return to the activities that they love. You are probably tired of NOT getting the answers you want about your condition and more importantly being left disappointed with NO SOLUTION. If I decide that you are a good fit for me to work with then we will work together one on one. I’m currently accepting new clients on a limited basis who want to TRANSFORM their lives and get out of pain.


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