physical therapist

Dr. Nick Scotto PT, DPT

  Dr. Nick a physical therapist and the founder of River City Physical Therapy, LLC.  In 2010 he graduated with his BA in Psychology from the University of South Florida.  He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy after 3 years of graduate studies at the University of North Florida.

         Dr. Nick is dedicated as a physical therapist to working with his clients to achieve their goals of living a life pain free with no limitations. He understands that in order for his patients to get better it is vital to listen to them to better understand their needs. He also recognizes that in order for optimal recovery to occur the patient must be an active participant in the treatment plan. In today’s health care system patient’s are often led astray and not involved in planning for their health care goals. At River City Physical Therapy Jacksonville the patients are a key part of the decision making process so they can return to the activities they love without requiring medications, injections, or surgery.

       Dr. Nick ultimately has found his passion working with motivated individuals who particularly suffer with pain. This can include your work out enthusiast, cross fitter, runner, or someone that wants to keep an active lifestyle. He believes that the practitioner-patient relationship should not be interfered with by insurance companies dictating treatment to be rendered. Insurance companies don’t make good medical professionals and can often interfere with the patient receiving the quality of care they deserve. Therefore he has decided to provide physical therapy services through this unique model to better fit the needs of his patient’s to live a pain free life!

     He resides in Jacksonville, Fl with his wife, son and daughter. He enjoys the outdoors, being an active parishioner at his Church, and living an active Florida lifestyle.