Success Stories

Julie, Ballroom Dancer from Jacksonville:

Overcame upper back/shoulder pain and is now back to dancing.

Jen, Triathlete from Jacksonville:

Overcame hip pain and is now back to running with little to no pain.

Sam: Golfer from Jacksonville:

Overcame upper back/neck pain and is now back to golfing with no pain.

Brian, Early 40's, Jacksonville: Overcame shoulder/neck pain.

My neck/shoulder pain is GONE. Since a car accident 20+ years ago, I’ve gone to multiple chiropractors and message therapists with minimal results. However, Nick evaluated my situation and gave me 3 exercises to do daily. I do one of them almost every day and since then (7 months ago) the pain has stayed away. Just like he said, ‘ if I skip doing it the pain will come back.’ That’s true it does. So I do my exercise. It takes me about 2 minutes. Well worth it. I wish he was around 20 years ago.

Mike, Mid 30's, Jacksonville: Overcame back pain.

Dr. Scotto was able to find the main source of my discomfort. Before his initial consultation my back pain kept me from performing my daily activities. During our consultation he asked very specific questions to find the exact source of pain and we immediately started to work on a plan of recovery. The results were almost immediate. I now have regained total confidence in my strength and motion. I fully recommend Dr. Scotto’s services.

Kathy, Runner, Jacksonville: Overcame heel and arch pain.

I had been experiencing pain in my heel and arch when I would run but especially when I first stepped out of bed in the morning. He took the time to make sure he understood the issue and then came up with a game plan. The plan was for 2-6 weeks of treatments and he delivered in 4! I ran a half marathon in the hills of Kentucky with ZERO pain! I am also back getting out of bed without any issues! I have been asking my husband to go get his foot worked on and I would definitely recommend River City Physical Therapy to anyone!

Christi, Busy Mom, Jacksonville: Overcame back pain.

I came into River City Physical Therapy to see Nick because I had sudden, unexplained pain in my back that was so intense, I could hardly move and sometimes brought me to tears. I chose to see Nick at River City Physical Therapy because I already knew him from Church. Also, he successfully helped my husband get better from an issue he’d been suffering from for years so I was impressed by Nick’s knowledge about the body and how to find and treat problems. I experienced results from Nick’s therapy immediately. I shuffled into his office, stiff as a board and in much pain. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I was scared I would always suffer from it. With that first visit, I learned the source of my pain and what aggravates it. I was encouraged by his confidence and commitment to getting me better and by the exercises I learned. He saw me for 5 visits and I have been doing his exercises and I am definitely better, confident that I can live my everyday life without pain. I can now stand, walk, sit, and simply function without pain. I was in such pain before that I could not do my everyday necessities. I had pain dressing myself, nursing, sitting in a chair, standing to cook, caring for children, etc. Now I am back doing the things I need to do without the pain I had before.

Teresa, Runner, Jacksonville: Overcame hip pain.

I was struggling with a pain in my hip since I ran a 10 mile run. I did everything I knew and could not get rid of the pain. I was limping and could not run more than 2 miles before I had to walk. I am training for the Boston Marathon!! I went to see Nick. The first visit was a thorough assessment !! I was also given exercises to do. I did them! My pain went from an 8 to a 4. After my 2nd visit, more assessment and adding another exercise, I am now running long distance totally pain free!!!!!!!! THANK YOU NICK!!

Erin, Exercise Enthusiast, Jacksonville: Overcame back pain.

After being in pain for about a year and having already tried a cortisol shot, chiropractic, massage, and other PT I found River City Physical Therapy. My pain was in my back and referred down my leg and kept me from doing normal daily activity as well as the things I love to do. I was immediately impressed by the care I received as I was given a holistic evaluation where I was listened to and my concerns were addressed. As opposed to being one of many patients in the room, I was the only patient during the appointment time and each week the treatment plan was adjusted to meet me where I was. Within just a few weeks I noticed significant improvement allowing me to return to kickboxing, high intensity workouts, and tennis. I would absolutely recommend River City Physical Therapy. The Dr. is competent and professional but also seems to care about his patients. The entire time I was being treated I felt safe, respected, and cared for well. I went in to get better physically but feel that I also was cared for emotionally. I truly cannot say enough good about the care I was given.

Mahlon, Jacksonville: Overcame neck/shoulder pain.

I reached out to Dr. Scotto with neck and shoulder pains that had been causing me discomfort while working at my desk, and preventing me from playing golf for months. It only took two visits over the course of two weeks to identify the source of the pain, implement some exercises and best practices, and successfully solve the root cause of the pain. My experience was very pleasant, and Dr. Scotto made sure I understood what we were doing, why were doing it, and how it would help me throughout each visit. I have been back playing golf, and working pain free for roughly three weeks now. I highly recommend giving River City Physical Therapy a call if you need physical therapy.

Heather, Fitness Enthusiast, Jacksonville: Overcame knee pain.

About a year ago I started to feel some knee pain during my workouts that progressed into constant aches that then progressed into sharp pains . I wasn’t able to go up the stairs without being in pain. I woke up extremely stiff, with aches, that lead to constant pain throughout the day. I was unable to get up and off the floor without help. It was becoming depressing and debilitating. It was affecting my daily life and my job. It took me a good six months to start to find help, after trying multiple other therapy facilities I was about to give up. It had now been 8-9 months since the pain began and I was unable to do any type of workout, or even walk at work without being in pain. Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended talking to dr nick. I was extremely skeptical, especially since none of the other therapies worked. The very first day I met dr nick he was extremely attentive and genuinely trying to get to the root of the problem. That was my favorite part, you NEVER felt rushed nor do you have a ton of people in the waiting room trying to rush you. He had a very open communication as well. He is extremely knowledgeable and will NOT waste your time. He will find what Specifically works for you. I started to see a difference in my knee the FIRST WEEK of therapy. No it wasn’t a huge change but it was more than I had ever gotten before with other places. Every week the pain was less and less and eventually it has led me to now being able to workout again, I can go to work and actually walk for longer periods without needing a break (and a ice pack lol) . There was a time where I never thought I’d be able to lift weights, walk, hike, or run without pain but thanks to Dr. Nick I am able to do that again ! Dr nick genuinely helped me out of a rut in my life and I am extremely grateful . I would recommend him to anyone with any type of pain or injury, small or large. Thank you again Dr Nick!

Michelle, Runner, Jacksonville: Overcame hip/knee pain.

For years I had been experiencing hip and knee issues while running which lead to many injuries. My previous healthcare providers could offer no solution other than to quit running. That was not an option. After one consultation and session with Dr. Nick, he was able to pinpoint the problem and provide helpful information that has allowed me to run without pain for weeks. I would recommend him to anyone that is experiencing pain or that has been advised to stop certain activities to stop the pain. He is amazing.

Lindsey, Fitness Enthusiast, Jacksonville: Overcame hip pain.

Nick was recommended to me by a friend. I’d been having hip pain close to a year from a Crossfit injury and I wasn’t able to run or do most exercises without pain. I kept resting it hoping it would get better but it never did. I gave River City PT a chance and I’m so happy I did! He was able to get me back into my active lifestyle pain free within a few months. Nick is very attentive to his patients and is happy to answer questions anytime you need him. He showed me how to stay pain free and gave me the knowledge to combat a flare up if I ever do have one. I ran a Spartan Race this last weekend and I felt great during the race and after! There’s no way I could’ve done that before River City PT. I’m forever grateful to have my active lifestyle back and I’ll be out running my kids for many years to come!

Rusty, Runner, Grandfather Mountain Marathon Runner: Overcame knee pain.

I suffered from knee pain for around six months before going to Dr Scotto. He was able to diagnose, treat, and also come up with a few exercises to not only relieve my pain, but also completely get rid of it. I highly recommend Dr Scotto to anyone looking to be pain free and physically active again!

Paige, Jacksonville: Overcame neck & back pain.

Prior to my treatment with Nick (River City Physical Therapy), I had suffered from neck and back pain for almost 30 years. I was suffering from daily headaches, and the muscular and nerve pains were making my daily tasks almost impossible; it was also disrupting my sleep because I could never find a position that felt comfortable. Over the years, I have tried other PT’s, massage therapists, and chiropractors. The difference in care was immediately obvious, and within 2 weeks, there was a discernible difference in my pain level. Though tremendously helpful, It was not just the hands on techniques that were used that helped–it was the fact that I was given techniques, exercises, and specific postures to maintain my comfort level, and techniques to use when I have a flare up. Nick is the first practitioner that has taken the time to make sure I understand what causes my pain, and the first to arm me with the tools I need to keep myself pain free. What a relief!

Melanie, Active Mom, Jacksonville: Overcame hip pain.

I met Dr. Nick when he was doing a free hip pain clinic at First Place Sports. I attended the clinic because I was desperate to try anything to get out of pain. I was in a car accident 7 months prior and I was not getting better. I was getting constant massages and seeing the chiropractor and had already had a round of physical therapy. I was in so much pain that it prevented me from doing all the activities that I loved. When I attended the clinic I could tell that his approach to physical therapy was different and that he was very knowledgeable. His goal is to get you active again and show you how to maintain the pain free life after you have completed the sessions. After a complete assessment he was able to tell where the pain was coming from and we came up with MY game plan. I completed 20 sessions with Dr. Nick back in July 2018 and I am still pain free. I’m able to do yoga, run, go for long walks and keep up with my kids. It is always life changing when you are in pain and can’t take care of your family but Dr Nick was able to help me get my life back. Thank you!!!!

Michael S., Jacksonville: Overcame foot pain.

A few years ago I was having severe pain in my left foot associated with plantar fasciitis, I thought my running days were over. Dr. Scotto was the first and only doctor I had to see to get results. In one session Dr. Scotto was able to get me on the path to recovery. He was not only able to give me stretches and exercises for immediate relief from the pain and soreness, he also was able to give me direction on better running form and additional exercises to prevent the pain in the first place. To this day I use these same techniques that Dr. Scotto recommended and no longer have plantar fasciitis. I would highly recommend Dr. Scotto and River City Physical Therapy for anyone who wants honest and effective treatment.

Tom, Jacksonville: Overcame back pain.

I am happy to let everyone know how pleased I am with the therapy sessions I recently have had with Dr. Nick Scotto. I was having difficulty walking normally due to an old lower back disc injury that left my left leg weaker than the right. My wife met Dr. Nick while attending a health fair at the Dell Web Sweetwater community and was impressed with his qualifications and interest in my situation. Throughout my therapy sessions, I was impressed with his direct attention to the affected disc area and its relation to the weak left leg. He answered all my numerous questions directly and at sufficient detail (not at all like I had experienced in the past}. I can say that only after eight therapy sessions employing both his in-office treatments and assigned home exercises, I have been released of both early morning back pain and stiffness and now have a significant improvement in walking. I believe that using a continuing combination of the set of home exercises and (now easier) walking sessions, I will be able to see even more improvement. I would certainly recommend anyone with joint pain or stiffness issues to discuss these with Dr. Nick. His no-pills, no-pain approach of physical therapy which worked for me is something to seriously consider, especially if your current treatment is not working.

Nicholas B., Jacksonville: Overcame arm pain.

Nick is a friendly guy who does lots of hands-on treatment. I came in with tennis elbow and he helped by giving me exercises to do at home as well as stretching the tendons out at his office. I was very impressed with his service. I can tell that he knows what he is doing and doesn’t mind sharing the information that he learned with me.

Benoit, Jacksonville: Overcame foot pain.

In March of 2016, I went thru a surgery on my left Achilles tendon. After 8 months of recovery, physical therapy and specialized exercises I still could not walk properly and still experienced pain in my left heel after standing up for few hours. I also developed an inflammation in my right Achilles’ tendon. After a very thorough full visit with Nick, he implemented different exercises for both feet. Within only a few days I started to experience relief in both feet. After only a few weeks of this exercises, my left foot is almost back to normal and the inflammation in the right foot considerably reduced. Thank you, Nick, for a job well done. Your knowledge and expertise made a great deal of difference in my day to day life.

Will, Jacksonville: Overcame foot pain.

Nick successfully treated my plantar fasciitis from running in only three home visits with exercises and muscle manipulation. My pain is almost entirely gone, and most importantly, he taught me exercises and interventions to apply when/if it comes back. If you run, it can be hard to find a PT who gets what you’re trying to accomplish, but Nick does — he keeps up with the latest in the research to keep you going.

Ruben S., Jacksonville: Overcame Lower back pain.

Working with Nick is what I needed as he was not juggling around multiple patients within my hour session. He was solely focused on my injury and did the necessary techniques and manipulations to improve the pain. Before going to Nick, I was very nervous about participating in the sports that I still love to do (surf, skateboard, tennis, and workout) because of the lack of stability in my low back. Through his hands-on approach and home exercises, I began noticing less pain and started gaining the confidence I needed to start my beloved (extreme) sports again. I appreciated his thoroughness in his goal to get me well again.

Jacob M., Jacksonville: Overcame shoulder pain.

ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU. Really appreciated the professionalism of this place. I called and talked right away at length with Dr. Nick about my shoulder injury. Really thorough, concise, likeable guy. He worked with my situation (no insurance) and his rates are totally reasonable. Gave me a recovery plan and now I’m feeling great. Followed up with me several times. I’d honestly give this place 100 stars if I could.

Joey P., Jacksonville: Overcame neck/shoulder pain.

“I was experiencing a flare-up of pain in my neck that radiated into my shoulder for 4 months after studying for a board exam. When I went to see Nicholas, he performed some range of motion stretches to get a better idea of my pain. He then made some adjustments to my posture. We then repeated the previous range of motion exercises to check for pain. None existed. I was sent home with some instructions on how to continue with correct posture. 3 days later, and my pain is at a bare minimum.

Mike P., Jacksonville: Overcame Lower back pain.

I was suffering from lower back pain for a few months and decided I needed professional help. I contacted Dr. Scotto and was very impressed with his initial in-depth consultation to better understand my pain and how best to treat the issue. My visits were very pleasant and Dr. Scotto was extensively informative with every action performed and helped me to better understand body mechanics. It took two sessions for full mobility to return to my lower back. I was able to continue my active lifestyle with confidence and PAIN-FREE. Thank you, Dr. Scotto. I would recommend friends and family to use Dr. Scotto.

Alice M., Jacksonville: Overcame back/sciatic pain.

I met Dr. Nick at the gym; he gave a class on managing sciatic nerve pain; I agreed to be his patient for the demonstration. After a few manipulations, I was better before the end of class. I hired Dr. Nick as my therapist. I was having problems sitting down even for 10 minutes,’ bending, driving, and walking. After therapy with Dr. Nick, I have regained the ability to do those daily life mobility activities. He is available by text, email or phone to answers concerns you may have; and he follows up with you when you are least expecting him to (very nice-he cares about you). Dr. Nick is professional, personable, compassionate and he listens to his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Nick.

Donna, Jacksonville: Overcame leg pain.

Literally, for years I had a problem with my right hamstring. No amount of stretching relieved the pain. I attended a workshop that Nick gave at my Pilates studio and I talked to him about this specific problem. We set up a consultation, at my home. From there I had six sessions, at my home. I can say now that I have no problem bridging either in yoga class or on the Pilates reformer, the exercise that has plagued me for years. I continue to do the exercises Nick gave me every day so I don’t backslide to where I was! Having sessions at my home were great. Nick is super friendly and knowledgeable. I also really appreciated his positivity. I had been babying myself thinking I had a big problem and he showed me that it was fixable. He also gave me some exercises for my neck and knee to help with some trouble there too. I can’t stress enough the importance of the exercises you’re given and seriously doing them, in my case, for the rest of my life. I have exercises given to me by physical therapists 30 years ago that I still do. You have to be an active participant in your recovery when working with a physical therapist, they can only do so much if you don’t do the exercises they’ve given you. Just sayin! Cheers Nick!

Rosie G., Jacksonville: Overcame back pain.

I love that Dr. Scotto is Hands-On and personalized my program to get better. The best thing is that he checked on me every single visit to see how the exercises were going and how the pain was feeling. And always adjusted my program to fit. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Pandora A., Jacksonville: Overcame neck pain.

Over the period of five weeks, problems with my neck prevented me from being able to fully participate in my yoga practice. I tried to correct the problem myself, but with no success. Finally, I consulted Dr. Nick, who with his superb diagnostic skills and vast knowledge of treatment interventions, treated my neck several times and gave me three simple exercises to perform daily. My range of motion returned, the pain disappeared, and once again I was able to fully engage in my yoga practice without any worries! I highly recommend Dr. Nick to anyone experiencing a range of motion problems and pain in their neck. You won’t be disappointed!

Mark M., Jacksonville: Overcame shoulder pain.

I was talking with Nick after church one day, lamenting the fact that I would need to have shoulder surgery. He asked why and I explained that I had a prior injury that had not been repaired and that I had essentially stopped using my left arm because of pain. Nick encouraged me to do an initial consult with him and let him see if he could help me before I had surgery. Am I glad I did! Two months ago, my range of motion was so limited and the pain was so severe that I couldn’t lift my arm above shoulder height. Nick worked to first loosen the joint, then begin strengthening the joint. The results have been incredible. I now have the full range of motion in the arm. There is still a minimal amount of pain, but that continues to decline as the muscles are strengthened around the joint. I am very thankful to Nick for helping to restore the use of my arm while avoiding surgery.

Pam P., Jacksonville: Overcame ankle pain.

I am a walker! I walk two miles every day and started to experience numbness inside of my left ankle and my toes started to go numb to the point of a “tingling, painful” numbness. It got to the point that I would kick off my shoes and walk barefoot the rest of the way home or cut the walk short.

I went to Nick and he evaluated me and physically worked on my ankles, then he gave me exercises to do every day. Knowing others who have had physical therapy, I knew from their own experience that I was to keep to the prescribed exercises if I wanted to see results. Doing the exercises, as prescribed, I started to see relief from the numbness and the toe issues; now I have no problems with walking and am back to enjoying my regular walks! It took 2 sessions with Nick to get to the root of the problem and fix it for good!

John N., Jacksonville: Overcame back pain.

I was having severe lower back pain. So, I went to Nick. He had me back on my feet and running marathons in no time at all. He was professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely cared. He went the extra mile. I would definitely recommend his services.

Sharon J., Jacksonville: Overcame back pain.

I fell from my bike directly down on to my tailbone and jarred my back, but luckily landed in the grass. I had an x-ray and it indicated that I had a compressed fracture of vertebrate #12. I was in a lot of pain the first week. Getting in and out of bed was the worst. I teach school, and after a week I went back to work. I stayed on Advil and other pain relievers for about 3 weeks. Each day I felt a bit better. Nick came to my house after about 3 weeks. He advised me of 3 stretches to complete every day. He showed me exactly how to do them, and then watched to make sure I did it correctly. I was very thankful for his guidance because he helped me to see that I was capable of doing more movement than I had thought. Before, I had been very intentional about every move and had been afraid of any stretching. I am still very cautious of lifting items and know that will take more time. I do the stretches every other day before I go for a walk. I felt I only needed one session because the advice he offered and the confidence he gave me was just what I needed to start back slowly into my normal exercise routine. Today, I am feeling much much better. I truly appreciate Nick’s professionalism, wisdom, patience, and wonderful bedside manner.

Erica R., Jacksonville: Overcame pelvic pain.

Nick at River City Physical Therapy is phenomenal! I had a herniated cervical disk that left me in pain and unable to do my normal exercise routine for several months. I had previously been to another physical therapist, a masseuse, a chiropractor, and an orthopedist who gave me a steroid injection. Although I found a bit of relief with these other professionals, Nick gave me the exercises and care I really needed to move forward with my injury. I am just upset I didn’t go to him sooner. He truly cares about getting you better in as quick of a time frame as possible. My injury was also unique in that I wanted to return to lifting heavy weights at the gym, besides just returning to normal functionality. He understood my goals and has worked with me to achieve them. I highly recommend going to see him for all your small and large ailments!

Alyssa D., Jacksonville: Overcame hip/knee pain.

I severely sprained my ankle and was on crutches for three weeks, I couldn’t walk or I had shooting pains all throughout my foot and leg. My foot continued to swell up every day and I was in a ton of pain. When it didn’t begin to heal as quickly as I had hoped, I called up Dr. Scotto and he was immediately able to see me. He gave me a lot of hope that the injury was not as bad as I catastrophized and that it was running it’s natural healing course, but that I needed to do his recommended exercises or it would likely continue to swell and be in pain. He said it was also possible I had pulled or strained a nerve, and that was causing the shooting pains, but that it would just need to heal. He spent a solid hour+ with me making sure I knew exactly how to do the exercises, and didn’t push me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. I saw improvements within two days and he called to follow up, asked how I was doing, and answered any of my questions. After about two weeks since his help, I’m walking fine with minimal pain and no swelling.

Dennis H., Jacksonville: Overcame foot pain.

How often do we take for granted that first step out of bed in the morning! The moment the heel hits the ground and you cringe in agony. The world of plantar issues that many of us know so well! The first time i meet Dr Scoto was at a community function he was speaking at. I was immediately drawn in by his immense knowledge base mixed in with his down to earth personality. When i first sat down with Nick, I was spending my mornings limping around. We progressed through a collection of exercises and manipulations of the next few short weeks. We built upon the tools I was leaning each week. What had been a 6-9 month issue was being addressed in 6 weeks. I had forgotten what it meant to climb out of bed pain free! Thank you Nick!!!!

Mike E., Jacksonville: Overcame back pain.

I met Dr. Nick at a Low Back Pain presentation he was conducting. I’ve been suffering on and off for 30 plus years with sciatica and other back, hip and leg pain due to herniated discs and other injuries. I have tried orthopedics, chiropractors, and several medicines for treatment with varying degrees of relief, none of them permanent. I went to the presentation thinking sciatica had returned again, but Dr. Nick’s presentation changed my mind and I decided to go to him for physical therapy. He was immediately able to pinpoint the cause, and after 4 weeks, 8 treatments, and a lot of specific site exercises, I’m about 95% pain-free. Doing the exercises not only stopped the sharp stabbing pain that went down my leg several times/day, but it also stopped the dull, achy weakness feeling in my low back and butt. There have even been a couple days where I’ve been running late and didn’t do the exercises, and even those days have been pain-free. Obviously, I’ve been well pleased with Dr. Nick’s results. I’ll probably go back to him to see if he can do anything for my arthritic shoulder. This getting old is not much fun!!