I severely sprained my ankle and was on crutches for three weeks, I couldn’t walk or I had shooting pains all throughout my foot and leg. My foot continued to swell up every day and I was in a ton of pain. When it didn’t begin to heal as quickly as I had hoped, I called up Dr. Scotto and he was immediately able to see me. He gave me a lot of hope that the injury was not as bad as I catastrophized and that it was running it’s natural healing course, but that I needed to do his recommended exercises or it would likely continue to swell and be in pain. He said it was also possible I had pulled or strained a nerve, and that was causing the shooting pains, but that it would just need to heal. He spent a solid hour+ with me making sure I knew exactly how to do the exercises, and didn’t push me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. I saw improvements within two days and he called to follow up, asked how I was doing, and answered any of my questions. After about two weeks since his help, I’m walking fine with minimal pain and no swelling. – Alyssa D.