I came into River City Physical Therapy to see Nick because I had sudden, unexplained pain in my back that was so intense, I could hardly move and sometimes brought me to tears. I chose to see Nick at River City Physical Therapy because I already knew him from Church. Because he is an honest, virtuous man, I felt confident in his desire to want what was best for me to get better.  Also, he successfully helped my husband get better from an issue he’d been suffering from for years so I was impressed by Nick’s knowledge about the body and how to find and treat problems.  I experienced results from Nick’s therapy immediately. I shuffled into his office, stiff as a board and in much pain. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I was scared I would always suffer from it. He asked some questions, he pushed on my back and was able to diagnose the source of my pain. He did some therapy with me and I was able to walk out of his office looser and with less pain.  With that first visit, I learned the source of my pain and what aggravates it. I was encouraged by his confidence and commitment to getting me better and by the exercises I learned. He saw me for 5 visits and I have been doing his exercises and I am definitely better, confident that I can live my everyday life without pain. I can now stand, walk, sit, and simply function without pain. I was in such pain before that I could not do my everyday necessities. I had pain dressing myself, nursing, sitting in a chair, standing to cook, caring for children, etc. Now I am back doing the things I need to do without the pain I had before.  I would definitely recommend Nick at River City Physical Therapy. Without him, I would still be trying to find a comfortable position to be in (which was very difficult) and missing out on life with my beautiful family. Nick is not only a great guy, who is good at listening and easy to talk to, but also a smart guy who understands the body so well that he can diagnose problems and give real solutions for them. – Cristi S