I met Dr. Nick at a Low Back Pain presentation he was conducting.  I’ve been suffering on and off for 30 plus years with sciatica and other back, hip and leg pain due to herniated discs and other injuries.  I have tried orthopedics, chiropractors, and several medicines for treatment with varying degrees of relief, none of them permanent. I went to the presentation thinking sciatica had returned again, but Dr. Nick’s presentation changed my mind and I decided to go to him for physical therapy.  He was immediately able to pinpoint the cause, and after 4 weeks, 8 treatments, and a lot of specific site exercises, I’m about 95% pain-free.  Doing the exercises not only stopped the sharp stabbing pain that went down my leg several times/day, but it also stopped the dull, achy weakness feeling in my low back and butt.  There have even been a couple days where I’ve been running late and didn’t do the exercises, and even those days have been pain-free. Obviously, I’ve been well pleased with Dr. Nick’s results.  I’ll probably go back to him to see if he can do anything for my arthritic shoulder.  This getting old is not much fun!! – Mike E.