Prior to my treatment with Nick (River City Physical Therapy), I had suffered from neck and back pain for almost 30 years. When I contracted Nick to work on my neck/back issues, I was suffering from daily headaches, and the muscular and nerve pains were making my daily tasks almost impossible; it was also disrupting my sleep because I could never find a position that felt comfortable. Over the years, I have tried other PT’s, massage therapists, and chiropractors. The difference in care was immediately obvious, and within 2 weeks, there was a discernible difference in my pain level. Though tremendously helpful, It was not just the hands-on techniques that were used that helped–it was the fact that I was given techniques, exercises, and specific postures to maintain my comfort level, and techniques to use when I have a flare-up. Nick is the first practitioner that has taken the time to make sure I understand what causes my pain and the first to arm me with the tools I need to keep myself pain-free. What a relief!- Paige M.