I fell from my bike directly down on to my tailbone and jarred my back, but luckily landed in the grass. I had an x-ray and it indicated that I had a compressed fracture of vertebrate #12.  I was in a lot of pain the first week.  Getting in and out of bed was the worst.  I teach school, and after a week I went back to work.  I stayed on Advil and other pain relievers for about 3 weeks. Each day I felt a bit better. Nick came to my house after about 3 weeks.  He advised me of 3 stretches to complete every day. He showed me exactly how to do them, and then watched to make sure I did it correctly.   I was very thankful for his guidance because he helped me to see that I was capable of doing more movement than I had thought.  Before, I had been very intentional about every move and had been afraid of any stretching.  I am still very cautious of lifting items and know that will take more time.  I do the stretches every other day before I go for a walk.  I felt I only needed one session because the advice he offered and the confidence he gave me was just what I needed to start back slowly into my normal exercise routine.  Today, I am feeling much much better.  I truly appreciate Nick’s professionalism, wisdom, patience, and wonderful bedside manner. – Sharon J.